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  DTS-2469 4G+ OBD II tracking device. Includes instructions and everything needed to begin tracking immediately. Super simple! Just plug and go.  No tools required.  $79.95  
  DTS-2169 Three-wire tracking device.  Includes installation guide, operating instructions,
and simple-to-connect harness.  Leads are tested and prepared, ready to install.  No special tools required.  Free tech support ensures that you'll be up and running in no time!
GPS Tracking Systems DTS-45xx Three-wire tracking device PLUS integrated lithium battery.  For applications where backup power is required.  The integrated battery backup ensures up to 8 hours of operation if the 12V supply is removed for any reason.   $119
GPS Tracking Systems DTS-4860 Asset Tracker  A tamper-proof, totally self-contained device for tracking and protecting High Value assets. No external power or wiring needed. Works from collected solar energy to track assets or vehicles 24 hours a day, every day. Designed to protect Heavy Equipment, Trailers, Cargo Containers and other non-powered assets.  $199
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