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We deliver the GPS tracking features you need, the performance you expect and the reliability you count on day after day! TraksUS means Affordable, Award-Winning service with no gimmicks and no hassles.


GPS-based Tracking & Telemetrics

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The overall price for our service, including hardware CANNOT BE BEAT. We use no gimmicks, no contracts and no sales pitches. We simply offer the most affordable tracking and fleet telemetrics at the lowest price in North America.

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We deliver Simple and Fast, 24/7. Our web apps perform faster, better and more reliably than any other commercial tracking application. Contact us for a demo - we'll show you side-by-side how well our platform performs.

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TraksUS (tm) has the best Up-Time record in the business, and our customer support sets the Gold Standard for everyone else to aspire to.

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About Us

Originally founded in 2008 by a NASA space-flight software and hardware engineer, with one goal in mind: to provide the best tracking service at a price everyone can afford. As a result, we are one of America's fastest growing GPS, Telemetric and IoT providers.

TraksUS systems and software are designed, built and managed in-house by DTS Inc. experts, and hosted right here in the USA. If a problem occurs, we can fix it without relying on "third-party" vendors. We know our systems, and we understand how they work - making DTS / TraksUS a partner you can trust.

About BlackLabelProject1

We are very proud of our track-record and the feedback we receive from our loyal customers!

Our USA-based production and support cannot be beaten. Hands-on, personal service is built-in at DTS / TrackUS (tm), and our customers quickly discover that we value their business, every day.   Our system has the lowest downtime, and best continuous response time of any tracking company in the US today. Try us and find out why our customers are our best sales people!

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